While out walking with my wife and daughter we heard someone running up quickly behind us like they were about to pass us. Instantly Holly and myself looked back but there was no one there.

Right at that moment the scripture erupted into my mind the blessings will over take you.  “And all these blessings shall come upon you and overtake you, if you obey the voice of the LORD your God.” Deuteronomy 28:2

I was reminded of an encounter that I had before the last night of Crusades in Peru this past September. As I was praying in the Spirit I felt as if I walked into a pillar of fire in one spot of our hotel room. Instantly I heard that it was the Angel of the Ministry of Finance. At that very moment I was given a stamp in red (Jesus paid it) that said, “Paid in Full.”  I got the impression that I was to stamp all bills, future ministry/crusade expenses, and debts as paid in full. I don’t know how many times I stamped, but it was at least hundreds.

The very next day we were in Lima the capital city. We were going to a shopping center to meet with the team for dinner. Before leaving the room I checked my pockets for money and placed it in my wallet. As we stepped into the shopping center a couple people sitting down yelled at us that money was flying out of my pocket. Once I picked them up I noticed that they were 5 perfectly crisp brand new 10 dollar Sole notes.

Instantly I knew that it was tied to my encounter the day before. God is releasing Supernatural provision for the 5 fold ministry to reach Souls (Sole notes). Watch for money to appear unexpectedly. Look and see as bill payments are made that you didn’t pay.

I believe right now God is releasing an increase of Angelic encounters to give you divine strategy to get money for the kingdom. He is also releasing you from the chains of debt. Watch for it to come from unexpected letters of cancellation.

These things will all occur as you Seek first God’s Kingdom and Righteousness. Listen closely the next week as God is releasing fresh divine strategy.

John Rotalsky