Prophetic Word for Healing of Learning Disabilities

By: John Rotalsky

Supernatural encounter and healing released for ALL learning disabilities. 

While I was praying in the spirit I felt God wanted to break the demonic assault on brains and heal people with learning difficulties. God is releasing a breaker anointing to dismantle the curse of learning difficulties. ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, Mental Retardation, Autism and every dumb spirit are being broken now in Jesus name. God is going to bypass the natural and go right into the mind and realign brains.

Who has put wisdom in the inward parts or given understanding to the mind?  – Job 38:36

God is releasing supernatural advancement in the mind right now. People will be confounded and amazed at what God is about to do. Those that were affected by this curse will turn around and be supernaturally smart. I am reminded of a Supernatural experience I had while on a ministry trip in Texas with my friends Victor and Dave. While driving to the meeting we saw the numbers 333 everywhere. The price of gas was $3.33, the exit sign was 333 and many other signs. We got to the Church which just so happened to be named Trinity. As we prepared to minister in the meeting one of the prayer team members came over and started prophesying over us. This prayer team member gave each of us 3 pieces of fruits covered in cellophane and she said that God told her to bring them the meeting. After picking ourselves off the ground by God’s apparent confirmation of the number 3 once again, my friend Dave said he was going to lead worship. Bear in mind Dave has never lead worship before. As he started to play instantly the Glory of the Lord filled the room.

After an hour of intense glory Dave finished worshipping and stepped off the stage. At that moment I instantly felt to pray for him and I went to put my hand on his head. As my hand was about to touch his head we both watched as my hand supernaturally went through Dave’s head and physically through his eyeglasses. This is obviously not physically possible, but God did the impossible and supernaturally had my hand somehow go through Dave’s head as I laid my hands on him to pray. We were both astonished, amazed and stunned by what God had just done. For the next 5 minutes we’re just saying WOW and I kept trying to do it again to see if it would happen again. For months after this experience every time I would see Dave I would lay my hands on his head again to see if God would do that again.

Why would God do something like that? Dave nor I were praying for this to happen and neither of us have ever witnessed something like this before, it was truly supernatural. Dave revealed that directly after this experience happened he could read books from start to finish something he could not do before. Because of a learning disability early in his life he had not been able to focus reading a book. Directly after I prayed for him and God supernaturally had my hand go through his head Dave could read book after book from start to finish with no problems focusing. God supernaturally healed his mind in that experience and healed him of his learning disability that made it difficult for him to focus. God could have just healed him without the supernatural experience, but God chose to heal him in this profound one. We talked about this not too long ago and he remarked to me that he would try to not believe that it happened, but he said he saw my hand go through his eyeglasses. I believe this experience happened because God wants to not only heal my friend Dave, but others who struggle with learning disabilities. 

I believe since I had this experience I have the faith to see everyone with learning disabilities to be healed. Right now in the name of Jesus I break off every dumb spirit. I decree and declare the Mind of Christ to be in you. I pray that every cell in your body and mind would come into divine alignment with God’s original design. I pray that as you read this the Peace of God that passes all understanding will enter your mind. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. – Philippians 4:7

If you know anyone that needs help with any learning disability please share this word and prayer. If this word has brought healing please share as we love hearing the testimony of Jesus.

John Rotalsky
Wings of Fire International