Heavenly Encounter in the Incubation Room of Heaven
While praying with my friend Matthew Lord over the phone yesterday we were taken into a heavenly experience. Matt was seeing the same things I was seeing at the same time. At first I saw a huge porcelain door with gold inlays and a huge porcelain key that was also inlayed with gold. As I turned the key we were taken into a room. In the room there were many baby bassinets. The bassinets were extravagant and were inlayed with the same gold. There was a blue blanket on the babies and the front of the bassinets were inscribed “New Beginnings” instantly I knew we were in the incubation room of Heaven.
There was also a chalice of wine in the middle of the room. It was made of purple glass and was engraved with the same gold inlays. Matt Lord heard He reserves His best wine for last. I felt that it was a wine for the preparation for the great end time harvest. We both saw a heavy white Glory mist and when I came out of the encounter the mist was in my room. It was such a Holy place and the Angels and the Lord were watching intently over this place. I felt such a referential Godly fear not to take this place lightly.
I feel the babies represent bunches of revivals that are being poured out right now. These where so guarded and precious in Heaven. Get ready revival is being poured out. I believe all these small fires of revival starting to burn are going to merge into one uncontrollable flame. I believe this heavenly encounter speaks of what God is birthing, God is birthing revival and they are His babies. God is the one birthing and delivering to the earth revivals. They are His babies that He holds dear and precious to Him.
By: John Rotalsky
Wings of Fire International