God wants us to encounter a greater measure of His Presence more than we have ever tasted and seen before! I feel a drawing from the Lord that He wants to take us deeper in Him. You do not have to be satisfied in where you have been or where you are right now, there is more!!! Our well does not ever have to run dry, if you are thirsty you can come and drink of His Presence just like Jesus says in John 7:37, “If any man thirst let him come unto me and drink.” There is always more found in God. God wants us to drink deeply of His Presence to where we are filled to overflowing! We must be filled. God wants to satisfy all the empty places within our lives, He wants to fully consume us! I pray that you would encounter God’s Presence in a greater way, that you would go deeper in Him and that you would be filled to overflowing.
By: Holly Rotalsky
Wings of Fire International